Our dakwah and Al-Quran unit’s key initiatives are based on the following values:

Enhancing Sprituality

Strenghten mosques as an instituion to provide tranquility and solace, as well as to enhance the spirituality of the commnity through highly effective socio-religious programmes. Provide socio-religious programmes that enhance spirituality, strenghten faith, increase confidence and religiuos resilience of our community.

Guiding Community

Develop core mosque leadership that will create the transformational change through our mosques and guide the community in an increasingly challenging world.

Changing Lives

Make mosques’ touch points that change lives by enhancing outreach, establish a support base, increase participation in programmes and alleviating the social challenges of the community. Adopt a total service concept from “cradle to grave” to get congregants and families to view mosques as central to their lives.

With these values acting as our guide, we are able to provide programs and sermons which cater to the specific needs of our community. The following are some of our key offerings:

  • Al-Quran Centre
    • Qiraati classes and certification center
    • Quranic calligraphy
    • Al-Quran clinic
  • Daily sermon
  • Religious counselling
  • Short courses
Our Programmes

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Kuliah & Tazkirah di Masjid Mujahidin

Kuliah Subuh:

  • Bergilir antara Asatizah
    • Ustaz Pasuni Maulan
    • Ustaz Ahmad Shamsudin
    • Ustaz Mohd Ghouse Khan
    • Ustaz Salim Jasman

Kuliah Dhuha:

  • Ustaz Izal Mustafa
      • Kisah nabi S.A.W

Tazkirah Zohor:

  • Ustaz Husin Adam
    • Kupasan Riyadhus Solihin

Kuliah Maghrib:

  • Ustaz Kamsari Sanuh
    • Kupasan Kitab Al-Hikam & Syamail Muhammadiyah

Kuliah Dhuha: ( 1000-1130 )

  • Ustaz Abd Rahman Md
    • Iman & Ihsan

Tazkirah Zohor:

  • Ustaz Md Iszam Karim
    • Kupasan Kitab Imam Ghazali Minhajul A’bidin

Kuliah Maghrib:

  • Ustaz Ahmad Ismail Jaafari

Kuliah Isya’:

  • Ustaz Md Noor Tijany
    • Alam yang ditempuhi Manusia

Tazkirah Zohor:

  • Ustaz Sofyan Yadi
    • Mukmin?Muslim Professional

Kuliah Maghrib:

  • Ustaz Husin Adam

Tazkirah Zohor:

  • Ustaz Yazid Yunos
    • Kupasan Tafsir Al-Quran

Selepas Maghrib:

  • Bacaan Surah Yaasin & Tahlil Doa Selamat

Kuliah Maghrib:

  • Ustaz Roslan Aman

    Selepas Maghrib:

    • Bacaan Ratib Syazaliyah
    Our Team
    Ustaz Husin Adam
    Imam Executive
    Ustaz Md Iszam Karim
    Head, Islamic Learning Development
    Ustazah Siti A'isyah Roslee
    Head, Al-Quran Programs & Development(MEQAR)
    Siti Aminah Sapian
    Senior Executive, Al-Quran Programs & Development(MEQAR)
    Mohammad Jamaluddin Abdul Rahim
    Creative Dakwah Executive, Islamic Learning Development
    Nur Hidayah Rahman
    Community Engagement Executive Officer
    Social Development Officer