aLIVE Madrasah

The aLIVE programme aims to develop a soleh child who is nurtured with taqwa and good akhlak, knowledgeable in Islam and practices what he learns. One that also shows care and concern towards others; his family, teachers and peers.

Conducted in the mosque, the programme allows our children to familarise themselves with the mosque environment. During Prayer times, children will be able to join the jamaah.

Children are also taught the adab of entering the mosque. This cultivates a sense of belonging to the Muslim community at large. At the same time, accompanying parents can also join in the mosque activities.

Teachers and Approaches
Our teachers are especially trained to deliver the content effectively through activities and lectures that can connect the learning in class to the real lives of our students.

Teachers are also ARS qualified and are required to attend regular aLIVE training organised by MUIS.

Islamic Education Fund (IEF)
The Islamic Education Fund(IEF) offers fees subsidies for mosque madrasah students who come from low-income families. The IEF schemes is based on Per Capita Income (PCI) criteria.

Needy Students Grant

For aLIVE students from a monthly household of Per Capita Income below $450. Maximum fee subsidy of $300/student/year AND subsidy of miscellaneous fee of maximum $100/student/year.

Progress Subsidy

For aLIVE students from a monthly household of Per Capita Income(PCI) $451-$500. Maximum fee subsidy of $150/student/year AND subsidy of miscellaneous fee of maximum $50/student/year.

Family Support Rebate

For aLIVE students from a household of Gross Household income: $3000 or less and 2 or more children in the aLIVE programme. One month school fees/students/year per child (Maximum $30)

aLIVE Forms

New Registration

Please note that mosque counter is temporarily closed until further notice. Kindly contact the office at 6473 7400 for enrolment availability.

aLIVE Content
The curriculum focuses on the coretopics in Islamic Education, namely:

a) Tauhid & Fiqh
b) Sirah & Islamic Civilisation
c) Akhlak & Life Skills
d) Quranic Literacy & Understanding

The programme is designed to cater to the appropriate levels of the students’ age. For example a topic on bulugh or preparation for puberty is briefly introduced at the age of 9 and is later discussed in detail at the age of 12 and revisited again at the age of 13.

This is done so that appropriate topics can be introduced gradually at the different stages of a student’s life that has an impact as a result of his/her increase in maturity and personal experiences.


The fees for the aLIVE Programme are as follow

  1. aLIVE Programme: $40 per month
  2. Education Fee: $60 per year
  3. Registration Fee: $10 (one-time payment)

Students who require financial assistance may apply to receive subsidies. Guardians are advised to our office for more details.